Concrete Pumping: All That You Need to Know

There are many reasons to use a concrete pump, but there is one that stands above all the rest: time. Concrete pumps can be used for various jobs, and they will save you hours of manpower. If you want to find out more about how this type of equipment works or how it can help your business, keep reading.

What is Concrete Pumping?

Concrete pumping is a method of transporting concrete and other similar materials from one place to another. It can be used in construction, environmental clean-up, or any number of other uses. This type of pump is often used because it can deliver more than 50 cubic meters per hour, and a single pump operator may be able to operate up to five pumps at once.

What Kinds of Jobs Do Concrete Pumps Work On?

These types of equipment are commonly used on large construction projects that take place over an extended period. Companies will typically use them for any job where the need for concrete outweighs the available manpower or other resources needed. They can also come in handy when there’s not enough space near the worksite to store all the necessary material required by your project.

Types of Concrete Pumps

There are two categories of concrete pumps: electric and diesel. Electric models are the most popular because they’re lightweight, require little maintenance, and can be operated by a single person. Diesel-powered versions take more time to produce cement as electricity is required for mixing it with water or other additives.

How Do Concrete Pumps Work?

These devices work in much the same way that common household vacuum cleaners do. A large hose will suck up any liquid contained within its reach before pumping it at high pressure towards an exit point several meters away from the hose’s original position. The exit point can be either a nozzle that moves with the pump or an opening in any given object. This technique is used to move concrete, soil, and other similar materials from one place to another.

Some Benefits of Using a Concrete Pump

Hiring a concrete pump comes with a raft of benefits. The first is, of course, the speed at which it can move material. This equipment has been proven to be incredibly fast and efficient for large-scale projects that require a lot of concrete or similar materials.

Another major benefit is its level of mobility: you will always have plenty of options when it comes time to pick where you want your pump to deposit its load. Again, each pump operator is generally able to run five of these types of pumps at once.

The last big benefit these devices come with would be the safety they offer: working on construction sites can be a very dangerous job, but using concrete pumps will allow you to complete your work without risking life and limb.

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